Who is she... and what exactly is she making?

Friday, February 4, 2011

She is me.

Hi, I'm Kelsey and this is me in the making.
This blog will cover everything ------> From runway fashion to my outfits to photography, party planning to arts and crafts, silly mementos to meaningful posts.

I never really understood how the blogging scene switched over from nothing but words to nothing but pictures of the blogger. I want to offer you guys a new perspective, but from how I view the world and my life.

I'm me in the making. I feel like a little bit of me is dipped into each of these things, but never enough of one to call one my forte and I feel like others often run into this problem in their lives too. What are they good at? What's their niche?

Many people lack inspiration... but for me it's just the opposite. I'm surrounded by so many amazing people with so much personality, style, and presence, that it's hard to for me to identify what's my own. Things can start to feel somewhat stifling, when everything you do, there's a friend around the corner that can out do you; no matter what the project or task. And this is what lead me to this blog. She, in the Making. I want to be able to identify my strong points and not be discouraged by have commonalities with others, including my friends. I want to take their success as further inspiration to push me to do better as well, while supporting them! Instead of pitifully desiring what others have and not taking any strides to have those things myself.

Ultimately, I need direction. I know I'm destined to end up doing something meaningful. Hopefully, by faith and with some help from this blog, I will be lead to what I'm meant to do and maybe I can help others find their way around this little thing we call life too.

Welcome to she...
Well, I guess me... in the making.