I'm living for the weekends... and Jesus!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let me just start by saying that my weekends are filled with so much happiness and loveeeeeee, it makes me so happy :3 Each week, I look so forward to the weekend because I always know God has something in store that will fill my heart.

So, in attempt to go in order of events we'll start with EASTER!

My best friend Thuy-an accompanied my mother and I to go to Easter service at my church. It was all about how Jesus won the victory!!! I was literally rolling of laughter in my seat. My pastor arranged the story of the Passover as a boxing match between Jesus and the devil. In each round, satan thought he'd won, yet by the end it was obvious who the victor was when Jesus rose again!!! Anyways, by the time Jesus was declared victor, the Rocky theme song began playing and everyone was up shouting and clapping as if it was all really happening before them! It was really beautiful and hilarious. I'm so thankful for this and I honestly don't even know how to put into words the magnificence of the blessing that God has bestowed upon us by giving the ultimate sacrifice of His Son, that we may know freedom and peace and forgiveness... so I'm just going to leave it at this: Thank you, from the depth of my being.

After church, we went to Razzoo's!!! Ra--raaaandom. Hahah, but we did and it was really nice to sit outside on the beautiful day the Lord had made, where dark clouds and gray skies turned to such a beautiful blue, sunny, breezy day. 

deeelicious dessert we shared called Zydeco Dancer. yumyumyumyumyum.
I am so happy that I've been getting to spend more time with Thuy-an and that we've been given the opportunity to draw closer to God together and share all of the amazing ways He is working our lives with each other.  It is honestly SO incredibly moving to see the works He is doing in her and to be able to watch her grow as she walks with him. It all seriously make me so happy. Like get up and do a little dance happy :)

Later that day, I went to visit my best friend.... who lives like 3 minutes away, but I haven't seen in FOREVER. Then, I took a nap... and went back to to her house haha. We "studied" and I snapchatted. Haha it was so nice spending time with her though because we've been best friends since 3rd grade, when she called me that Easter and decided to end our frenemie relationship haha. SO HAPPY FRANNIVERSARY TO US AS WELL.

Anywho, it's just really nice to be in the company of people you feel so comfortable around, where it really doesn't matter what you say, because you know they love you enough that you don't have to care what they think............ hahaha something like that.

FAAAAST FORWARD to maybe Wednesday, maybe Monday, I'm not sure. My best friend asked me to his formal through an Easter egg hunt that lead me back to my desk where I found a basket full of my favorite goodies, which were almost all demolished in 24 hours. In addition, it was International Week at my school, which is something that really excited me.

I didn't really have the opportunity to participate in any events, but diversity is something that's so dear to my heart and it was so encouraging to see the International Food Festival and Parade that took place during the week!!! Seriously, made my heart happy.

Another couple reminders throughout week that made me happy as well:

SO... for real fast forward this time to Thursday. Unless Wednesday was when that other stuff happened... then it's not really fast forward, but whatever, THURSDAY!

I WAS SO HAPPY FOR THURSDAY because my sweet (and sour hahaha Ayke if you're reading... :P) little got to meet my sweet big for the first time and I also got to stuff my face with the delicious duck fat sweet potato fried at Brewed. But seriously, I got to spend a couple of hours with some girls that I love so much over yummy food and the amazing atmosphere which Brewed provides. I'd been looking forward to this for so long, so I was so happy that we finally got to all come together and have a great time :)
The "Best BLTB" and my amazing sweet potato fries!!!
My gorgeous little <3
I scare my big..... hahahaha love!!!

Iphone did weird things to my eye, but I looooove my family.
Absoluuuuutely love my big & little. They're perfect.
They're fre$$$h to death!
I have no clue what's happening... but they're totes presh.

I don't know who my little is... She thinks she's a G. 
love her so much anyways. 
don't know how I couldn't end with this....

These girls are all such incredible people. They are true and true to the very core of their being, which makes me so happy to have each of them in my life. They all inspire me and different ways and teach me new things just by being the genuine people they are.

Friday, I got so much free food, it was overwhelming hahaha. I was so happy. But more importantly, on Friday, my waffle got asked to formal by a sweeeeet, sweet ATO pledge with a huge taco and a box of tacos that would make you drop to the floor... literally. It made Thuy-an drop to the floor when she saw the small styrofoam box of tacos. So funny, so cute.

It started off by heading to Dallas to visit our sweet, pregnant Emily! 

We went to Zoe's for lunch and it was so delicious. Emily practically knew the whole world. She's totes pop. We walked around to different boutiques and played with her kitty cats, before finally sitting down... to watch ridiculous youtube videos and SNL skits and then finally make a couple of scripture cards!

Afterwards, we parted ways and Thuy-an and I went to this eclectic, rustic coffee shop called The Mudsmith. I'm in love with it. It's like a smaller version of Brewed, sans the full dinner menu, but based in Dallas instead of Fort Worth. Complete with deer heads and a stuffed bobcat, unfinished wood seats and tables, slow brewed coffees, and individually hand painted restrooms.

We spent a few hours here, studying and reading our Bibles. I finally started my newest Bible Study by Beth Moore called "David: Seeking A Heart Like His." I didn't know David's full story, honestly, until watching The Bible a couple weeks ago. I'm really excited to complete this study. It seems like an awesome way to draw closer to God and I'm excited for the connections I hope to make with the other women at my church participating in it. 

We then left and headed to Virginia's apartment to spend the evening with some sisters in Christ. However, once we got to her apartments, we were in AWE of the park and lake that it sat on. It was seriously so beautiful that we got out of the car and decided to walk around and take pictures hahaha, which we ended up doing for an hour before we got to the get together. Soooo here's an hours worth of photos!


I wasn't all that excited...

Thuy-an taking a picture of me taking a picture of me...
Hahahaha what the picture of me came out to look like.
The weather at the end of this week was so amazing. It seriously filled my heart with happiness, that I'd just start jumping up and down because it felt so amazing outside. It truly felt like such a blessing, because seriously the weather this week had been wearing me down from the harsh winds, to the drop in temperature and the rainstorms. It felt so amazing to sit outside and bask in the sun with the soft breeze and the beautiful scenery. Thuy-an and I were so excited about it hahaha. Eventually, we did make it to the party though! :)

Sweet Alex! Such a party starter haha <3

Lovely Audrey! This girl has the hugest heart :)
Once we finally made our way to VA's apartment, we danced to Hip Hop on the Wii, stuffed our faces (okay, *I* stuffed my face) with some sort of seven layer marshmallow coconut brownie cookie deliciousness, chips and fried chicken. Then, played games and watched Alex get insanely competitive over Spoons hahaha. I WAS SO HAPPY to see these girls and my soul sister Esther <3

Seriously, this girl is heaven sent from her wisdom to beautiful soul to her amazing voice. Love, love, love her. It's honestly such a blessing to be able to connect with girls who really are doing their best to honor God with their lives. They are all SO, SO beautiful and I'm just talking about the inside, don't even get me started on their physical beauty as well. From the moment I met them, I was surrounded by this immediate sense of comfort and acceptance and love and it makes me so happy that I have people in my life from so many different corners that are encouraging me in my journey as well. I'm so glad Virginia invited me and was happy to welcome whatever sisters I brought along. She has such a beautiful heart!!!

 As I get closer to graduation, I'm seriously worrying about less and less. I just let it all roll of my shoulders and set my gaze and focus upon God and higher and greater things. I know this is a turning point in anyone's life and though I still haven't a clue where I'm going with mine, I just feel like the next step is something so much bigger and better. Even if it doesn't happen immediately, my God can and He will. It's just a matter of when. But HIS timing is so much better than anything that I can fathom and if I stay in humbly in faith it will all reveal itself to me like the center of a budded tulip.

Hopefully, this week I'll get to make a post that I've had on my heart and mind for a while now about God's redeeming love. But until then, talk to you lovely people later  <3