Saturday, November 3, 2012

So the past week (well really two weeks ago) my word was Engage. I believe I really tried to do that. I went out of my way to take small moments of spontaneity and really engage in things that were going on, that my sisters did, to really engage in feelings, and to really soak up the moment. I did have a difficult time remembering to embrace as much as possible, so I think I need to keep a reminder of my goals each week by my bed. This week was supposed to be "Let go and let live." I wish I had remembered to pay attention to my word for the week, but I didn't. Which is fine, because it gives me the chance to do better this week of doing so! I honestly feel like there might not be a better time to engage in this. My birthday is Monday, which should signify entering a new stage of my life? Into adulthood? Haha, so I think letting some things go and feeling that sense of freedom might be a refreshing way to bring in another year of life for me.

Wish me the best!