See What Others Can't See (ASUS + She, In The Making)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I got the opportunity this month to work with ASUS USA on their See What Others Can't See (#SWOCS) Campaign for the ASUS Zenfone2. I was so excited when I first received this ASUS product, and my excitement just continued from there once I saw all of the amazing features this phone has. This camera phone sports 13 megapixels and has an aperture that can go as low as 2.0 so it was a photographer's dream to receive one. Not to mention the amount of space this phone has allows me to take large, high-resolution images non-stop. Which is exactly what I did. It is perfect for someone who is shutter happy like I am.

I was so glad I got to take this phone on my trip to Miami with me and document all of the amazing stops we visited.  And even after that, it's been my trusty companion for everything from product shoots to hanging out with friends or a day at the museum. It's been such a treat to take this phone through my everyday life and document the way that I "see" things. Being a creative, having the ability to have tools which allow you to express your creative voice and also try new things is invaluable. Which is one of the reasons I've found this phone to be such a treasure. With it's unique settings and the ability to even shoot in manual mode, it's tweaked my creative thinking and allowed me to push limits on what I thought a camera phone could do. I have included some photos of all of the above below, so click through to continue reading and make sure to enter the See What Others Can't See Contest for your own chance to win a Zenfone2!