Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lately, I've been eating a lot of lies. Like a lot of lies that I've been telling myself. It's really weird because I've always considered myself as someone with a lot of self-confidence and hopefully a lot of humility. But recently, it's been seeming that I've blurred the lines and in the process, lost the true definition of humility. In this process, I feel like in my earnest quest of remaining humble, my self confidence has been something that's been consistently attacked. 
I hear myself discounting myself again and again and again and again. I don't even notice it until moments afterwards oftentimes, when I discount my gut, my talents, anything. And it makes me SO UPSET. It has always upset me when I see my friends and people who surround me do that to themselves and so it makes me mad that I'm 1) creating that example as well 2) fueling that mentality instead of believing in myself and 3) discounting who God created me to be and the gifts and talents He bestowed in me.

I'm not perfect and I never will be, but that's the glory of it all. I don't need to be and I also don't need to remind everyone every step of the way of how un-perfect I am. "I'm a treasure, in the arms of Christ." God still considers us so valuable and gives us so many opportunities, to learn, grow, excel, and to use our gifts for something bigger than we are. I don't need to go around town shouting things like "I'm the best this or that!" but I do need to take a moment when I'm complimented to humbly accept instead of talking myself into inadvertently criticizing each gift I've been given.

Let's think of it this way. If your best friend gave you something especially crafted for you, you could tell he/she put a lot of thought into it, thought about your heart and your personality and the person you were created to be and created this incredible gift just for you, how would you treat it? Would you go around saying "Aww, it's not that great. I bet yours is better. It's not that special, you could easily have it too."? Or would you say "Wow, I've really been blessed with such a great and caring best friend and I feel very fortunate that someone who cares this much about me would give me something as precious as this, that gives me this much joy and fulfillment."?

It's the same thing my friends. God is that best friend and the gifts He's given you are not to be ignored or taken lightly. They are valuable; they are treasures. They're meant to help, aide, and guide you in the directions He leads; in pursuing your dreams, in fulfilling your calling, and in walking in your purpose.

So here's another post, written by me, directed towards me, that will hopefully encourage someone other than me out there!

lots of hugs,


  1. You're so beautiful, inside and out!! I love this message and it's one I think we all need to hear regularly! Love your heart, friend!

  2. this was everything I needed to hear idk how I stumbled across this blog post but I recognize that I was lead hear for a reason. Thank You!!!