Summertime Projects: Chalkboard Wall

Monday, July 29, 2013

I've always had fascination with chalkboard accents and have wanted a chalkboard wall for theeee longest. So after contemplating for the longest about making chalkboard frames or little accents for my room, I finally decided to chalkboard paint my closet wall!!!

So what did I learn? 

A) DO NOT use chalkboard paint on your wall. It is not guaranteed to come off of chalkboard painted surfaces... and that's what happened with me. After scrubbing and scrubbing and only removing the little heart shown above, I've decided that this is the most important quote in the Bible, so it's more than good enough to have a permanent residency on my wall. I could repaint it and use chalk next time instead, but I'm happy with it.

B) Make sure you really shake up and stir your chalkboard paint. A smooth coat goes a long way. The bumps you may see while painting on the wall don't dissolve. Therefore, there are a few rough spots on the wall which could've been prevented, but they don't really take away from the overall wall.

C) Prime prime prime! Use that chalk and prime the entire surface by scraping it completely over the entire surface a few times and wiping away and then repeating. Do NOT use chalkboard paint to prime... if you're wondering why, please refer back to A! I bought my chalkboard paint from Home Depot, but there are many people who have actually made their own chalkboard paint with a white paint and grout, such as here on Darling, which also has more instructions on painting your very own chalkboard wall!

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  1. Love this! And really good tips. Every time I see your wall, I die a little inside because of those prettypretty floral borders!! You are full of talent, soul sista!