chin up, buttercup!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So I've noticed something that's really popular among females currently is this signature pose, looking down and away, hand possibly placed in hair as if to be caught right in the act of pushing a few pieces away from your face. I mean, if you need an example, please shift your eyes to the right to my about me picture haha!

And don't get me wrong, this is a pretty flattering pose. It captures the gentleness of a lady, it might hide the blemish on the other side of your cheek, catch your awesome eyeshadow and wing tipped liner that day, the rosiest part of your cheek and your amazing countour job to boot! Why wouldn't everyone take a photo like this?

But it got me thinking about how sometimes, even in these times that's how women are seen or prefer to be seen. To be looking down and away, to be gentle, soft, afraid to speak up or to speak out, afraid to make a mistake, possibly even dare I say submissive?

But I say, bunk that!
(I really like using that terminology because it sounds so feisty and like it holds a lot of weight but it really means little to nothing far from forget that!)

Chin up, buttercup! What's so bad about looking at the camera head on? About looking something or someone in the eye and saying unapologetically, "This is who I am!"? Humanity appreciates sincerity. We appreciate genuine hearts and vulnerability. Now I'm not saying you have to go around shouting your loudest opinions and deepest secrets to everyone or that you shouldn't make yourself self deemingly presentable in the morning. I'm just saying people will appreciate you being authentically yourself much more than any version of you that is wrapped up in the bits of you that you're trying to hide. And I bet you'll appreciate yourself that much more too.

I've decided to take this post to the next level and exhibit this with an image. In my opinion, this is the best photo that's ever been taken of me.

It's my favorite by far. And it was taken on a day that I truly, truly wasn't looking too hot haha. This despite my efforts in the 20 minutes that we had to pull ourselves together before our headshots, when I distinctly remember the curling iron failing me and my makeup doing no justice to my blemished face. I'm not going to lie, I was blown away that this was the picture she captured of me. Now there are a few other truths about this photo, one being that Taylor Lord is a magical photographer. She probably sprinkled fairy dust over this image and then road off into the enchanted forest, galloping away on her unicorn, while riding a glimmering rainbow.

Aside from her magical ways, what I like about this photo of me is that it's direct. I like that I'm staring the camera straight on, not used to being on the other side of the camera, and not entirely comfortable being there either. I like that it's one of those images that no matter where you're looking at it from, it's like I'm staring straight at you. I like that I'm smiling with my lips closed because I like that it shows a different side of me given that I always smile with my teeth unless I'm attempting to hide the fact I'm munching on something. But mostly, I like that it just feels honest to me. I feel like this image authentically represents who I am, or at least who I hope to be.

In the next few posts, be on the lookout for a feature of my sweet friend Tiana, with a few tips about putting your best self forward.

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  1. I've actually been thinking a lot about the whole "signature pose" idea these past couple of months, and you just wonderfully summed up why women want to use that pose and what they want it to convey. I also think of it as sort of hiding, not to create mystery, but because of some fear too - maybe fear that people won't accept all of who you really are.

    I think that picture Taylor Lord took of you is one of the best ones of you too, and even though nothing was working out for you during prep time, I see no flaws here. It's simple, honest, and beautiful 'cause it's all you! Great post <3