A fashion post? What?! I know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I've been hanging out with my dear friend Tiana, quite a bit recently and let me tell you, this girl has serious style. I'm pretty shocked I haven't included any of our escapades on the blog yet! I'll have to fix that soon. Each time we hang out, we are always up to something creative, snapping photos, arranging items, "elegantly" stuffing our faces, laughing at the ridiculous things that come out of our mouths & striking up conversations with strangers. But in all seriousness, being around her not only encourages me to be kinder and to love on others really well, but also to actually try with my appearance. Now don't get me wrong, I do make an effort to make myself presentable everyday, but in general I'm just extraordinarily lazy when it comes to it. I usually don't like matching and I'll throw on a bag and shoes that will round out an overall feel of an outfit instead of trying to put pieces together that really work. And then I'll grab whatever accessories I have laying around and voila! So it usually takes me about 2-5 minutes to get dressed, including scouring the area for something that I don't have to iron. My mentality is that your attitude contributes to your overall look a lot as well. So I just put together whatever I feel like and then believe I can pull it off haha. However, for this special blog post, I figured I would throw in a little more effort and show you guys a few different ways I would style a black leotard. I wanted to make this fun, so I figured I'd go for a few different looks. One out for a casual brunch downtown, one for a concert and one out for a night on the town with friends.

out for brunch


This outfit was really fun because of the overall vintage vibe I was able to create. The kimono and leotard are both actually items handed down to me (or stolen...) from my mom! Secret time: the kimono was actually from a pair of old PJs she had and the leotard is a retired swim suit. I paired them with some high waisted shorts I purchased at the GAP for ~$11! They have quickly become one of my favorite purchases in the past couple of months. They are perfect for beating this summer Heat and still looking adorable. Also, the can in the back was kept in the photos for authenticity. She probably didn't think I'd really keep it, but it had Tiana and me cracking up and IDK why but I want to look back on this one day and remember that can hahaha.

out for a concert


This one is pretty similar to the last, except for the change in jewelry, shoes, and coverup. I thought this would be a fun look for a concert because you want to be a step up from casual, maybe even dare I say appear a little flirty, yet still look classic, cool, and a little bit edgy. I paired the high-waisted shorts with a triangle scarf i purchased from Old Navy. Though it's hard to tell in the photos, the scarf has different large nude and pale pink gems that line the edge of it, accompanies by tassles in every corner. At first I was unsure how to style this scarf but loved how I hadn't seen anything like it, so scooped it right on up.

out for a night with friends 

This look was honestly a little on the risque side for me in afterthought haha. Tiana was kind enough to let me borrow her Baublebar earrings and her new blazer, which really took the fancy scale to a new level. I have adored my sequined skirt since the moment I laid eyes on it. I spotted it walking by a White House Black Market outlet one day and saw the $20 price tag and knew it had to be mine. I usually wear it when it's far too fancy for the occasion, but who doesn't love a little extra sparkle in their life?


If you're curious about where any items are from, please let me know & I'll do my best to find them or something similar for you online!

& Tiana, thank you so much for snapping these photos, being such a sweet & dear friend and for always having so much fun with me! Each day spent with you is an adventure <3


  1. Kelsey Lemons, you are one of the most beautiful people I know! Inside and out!

    P.S. Where can one find a lovely silk kimono like that these days?

    1. Hello sweet Katie!!!

      You are far too kind. I think I've said this to you a hundred times, but it's so true. & I'm not exactly sure where to find one that looks so oriental, but Forever 21 has some similar options!


  2. Replies
    1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A BLOG?! I will have to begin keeping up with your stories my little lovey <3