a style journey

Monday, March 2, 2015


everyone starts somewhere, right? 
When I first became interested in fashion, you could call my style eclectic - to say the least. My style icons were Mary Kate & Ashley because they just did whatever they wanted and totally pulled it off. I distinctively remember girls in junior high making fun of my outfits and the fact that I liked to wear camis over my tops and a belt to top it off. Like I said... eclectic, but in all fairness Gwen Stefani was killing the game at this time and she was eclectic to say the very least, so maybe I was on point! Or near it... I used to sketch and design clothes in artist pads until the wee hours of the morning. And although my dreams of being a fashion designer didn't really even make it to my teens, I think it really sparked my interest in style to begin with. Well that, and also my incredibly artistic cousin who was working as a fashion designer at Gap at the time, and then went on to drop everything and move to Mexico to teach local artisans how to create their own items and self sustainable incomes... Yeah, my cousins are pretty amazing.

As time went on, I tried multiple times to hone in on my "style". After my obsession with Molly Ringwald, the need to fit in with Hollister stage and my complete and utter obsession with Urban Outfitters, I think I eventually fell more into this "preppy" category. As much as I love the Madewell look - and have minimal pieces incorporated throughout my wardrobe as well - I'd spend more money in J. Crew, Gap, & Banana in a hot second.

When I need to create a quick outfit, it usually ends up including a blazer and some pretty gems. This was precisely the case Friday.  This may be partially due to my year and a half of retail work at J. Crew. Plus, I woke up late and didn't feel well, which always makes me feel the need to look put together... so I can in turn make myself believe I am haha.

click below for a few links that may help with your style journey!

Yet, I would still call my style eclectic, but hopefully as a conglomerate idea and not on a day to day basis. I say this meaning that my style is eclectic because my closet isn't completely taken over by one sole style. I like to dress situationally. Some days it might be bright and preppy, the next clean and minimalistic, and the day after that dark and sleek. As I've grown I've realized that there are so many different parts of me and I like it that way. I am eclectic. Style is supposed to be an expression of who we are, so why should I limit my wardrobe to only expressing one little part of me?

So if you're on your style journey, I've come across a couple of blog posts from a couple of real life/social media friends that I think may help! 

One is this post from my sweet and beautiful friend Katey McFarlan, of Chronicles of Frivolity. In section #4 she talks about creating your signature look. Like me throwing on a blazer and statement jewelry, you may also have a signature go to and not even realize it! It seriously helps so much on mornings when you want to feel pulled together, but are in a rush or just aren't "feeling it" that day. In addition, it also helps when you want to wear a look that really represents you, but don't know where to start! 

Another couple of posts are these by the incredibly talented and stylish Caroline Joy Rector, of Unfancy. Caroline creates capsule wardrobes that fit her style - which I admire SO MUCH - in an effort to simplify life. This could be an extreme thing to do, especially if you haven't honed in on your style yet, but I'm sure solidifying your key pieces would be so worth it. Here's one on what a capsule wardrobe is and here's one on how to create your own.

The last is the Stylist section in Darling Magazine. Darling is one of my favorite magazines and blogs. Each issue, as well as their website, has a section dedicated to the Stylist persona. This area is always filled with great tips on staple items, how to get your closet together, and other things every girl without a fashionista for a big sister wishes to know.

I've heard time and time again that so many successful people create signature looks because they don't have time to constantly worry about what it is they're going to wear or what's going to represent them well. Anyone thinking Steve Jobs? I'm in no way saying he should be your style icon! Haha just some food for thought if fashion isn't your main focus, but definitely a component you'd like to hone in on. So tell me, what do you think your signature look is?

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  1. You are the cutest ever and I'm just loving your outfit! Love that combination to pieces! <3

  2. Love this post and I can totally relate. I actually just asked my husband the other day how he would describe my style and he said eclectic. Some days I have a more classic look, others a boho look, and then another day a more minimalistic look.