Have heart.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

There's a young man in my neighborhood named Chris. Ever since we moved here, when I was in first grade, I've spotted Chris wandering throughout the streets of our neighborhood and the connecting few. I honestly feel like this boy, who I've maybe exchanged 5 words with, has made quite a big impact on my life and has taught me a lot, without telling me anything. The interesting about Chris is that every time I see him, he's holding a bouquet of flowers. Sometimes he's just sitting on the sidewalk of the main road, holding his flowers. Or standing there with his flowers in hand, waving as cars pass by. He also works at the neighborhood Kroger from time to time, which is probably how I know his name. I think about him quite a lot and wonder why he always has flowers in hand. It's so obvious that there's something Chris knows, that I don't. But, it's honestly one of my lifelong desires to pause whatever's going on in my life, just one day, stop the car, and go talk to Chris and find out about his story. I've come up with countless reasons for why he holds those flowers, where he gets them, and who he's waiting for, but there's still this unquenchable curiosity of what the true story really is. Honestly, I fear that it's something traumatic, which is also a reason I've never actually stopped to ask him. And I'm also afraid that he's not willing to accept the truth of whatever's really happened, hence him always standing on the side of the road, holding flowers, seemingly waiting for someone who's yet to come 13 years later. But regardless of the countless things I've come up with, every time I see him, he has the biggest smile on his face. Even if it's cold, come rain or shine, he waves and smiles as if there isn't a thing in the world to be worried about. He has this incredibly positive attitude and I can just tell that he has the hugest, happiest heart. Though seeing him always sends my mind on a trip down Wonder Lane, it always brightens up my day. It's funny how without even speaking to a person, you can see their heart. You can tell so much simply through their actions, their attitude, the way they carry themselves, or just how they stand on the sidewalk holding a bouquet of flowers, waving at every new friend that passes by.

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