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Monday, February 25, 2013

Let's just start this off with a little checklist, shall we?

  • It's interesting what makes people tick. I've seen some of the most unfazed people I know think things that seem minute to me are be very big ordeals. 
  • We're all connected. I called into work to work to find out my schedule and my boss was just thinking about me. On my way to school, I was thinking about my friend Michelle, who I ended up running into after my classes and went to lunch with. 
  • Don't judge a book by it's cover. I went to a restaurant, that has quite frankly kind of scared me for a while, today. I love new and interesting places, but I'm a germaphobe and really appreciate a sense of cleanliness, so since I once entered the doors one day a few months ago (and swiftly made an excuse to leave) I've been very skeptical about it. However, the food was good. I won't be frequenting there though, but I'm glad I did give it a chance (and that I went with a "seasoned" veteran... ha! Seasoned... cause we're talking about food... anyways...)
  • God works. He just does. Take this in any sense you'd like. He works to make all things come together for my good. He works in my favor. He works to take away your stress, problems, and pain. Since my last post, I've spent time (though not as much as I'd like) in prayer and trying to soak up more of His knowledge and wisdom and HEED what I'm taking in. And the crazy thing is, God has shown up. Again and again and again. And it's really coool and REALLY WEIRD. And I'm surprised by it and not surprised by it all at the same time. But I love it and I love hearing other's testimonies this week too, because it's been filled with them and how amazingly God is working in everyone's lives! I can't wait to expand and share more :)

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