Thankful (a week in photos)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today was an absolutely lovely day spent in Dallas with one of my best friends Monica, and her lovely friends Kathleen and Emily, as an extended celebration of her 21st birthday. It was such a refreshing day, spent out of the mundane. Bishop Arts District always makes me feel at home. It's filled with creatives, quirky shops, art pieces, music, murals, delicious restaurants, and couples getting their photos taken. Today was no different! It started off with chicken and waffles, brisket hash, huevos rancheros, coffee, & beignets at Oddfellows. 

Afterwards, we walked around Bishop Arts a bit and I finally found We are 1976!!!! Thanks to Mon's keen eye. Let me just tell you, this place is like a little piece of heaven. I walked in and my face literally lit up. I instantaneously felt at home. Like, really. If you know me, you know I'm all about that stationary and office accessory life. Throw in some eclectic touches & a few Rifle Paper Co items and you've officially captured my heart. 

Unfortunately, we had to cut our time at heaven on earth short to go see a wonderful movie called Silver Linings Playbook. We moseyed on down to The Angelika, which is actually a really comfortable movie theatre. Worth the $8 matinee fee. Not to mention the quality of the film. Loved it. The message of the film was beautiful and really encouraged me to look at Sundays in a new light. Instead of the day before dreaded Monday, it gave me a new perspective on being a day to reflect on everything to be thankful for in week you're leaving behind. It also gave me the thought of each Sunday being the start of something new; something that can be filled with countless opportunities. Something to be excited about.

We walked around and stopped by a few more shops in Mockingbird. Got some lovely navajo hipster house shoes and a cute blazer at UO and fell in love with the Signature and Indigo Waters scents at Franchesca's! Can't wait to get them!

Exactly a week ago, ironically enough, I was also in Bishop Arts, for Monica's 21st birthday! We had a delicious dinner at Eno's where I ate Pasta Carbonara. It was incredibly cheesy and rich, filled with pancetta, basil, and red pepper, simply delicious.

So glad that in addition to the yumminess, I got to spend some time with some girls I'm incredibly grateful for. After eating, Janie, Victoria, Laura and I walked around a bit and ended up going to try some new delicacies at Dude, Sweet. They never cease to amaze me with their uniquely constructed dark chocolates. If you haven't gone there, you definitely should! I dont know where else you can try chocolate with chipotle, or roses, or blue cheese. Trust me, it's all good. And I don't even like dark chocolate. 


Another great thing that happened this week?! I got my camera back!!! As most of you probably don't know, I FINALLY got my Mark 5D II, but it immediately had a few issues. After sending it back, my baby came home to me! Since I don't have a shoot til next weekend, I couldn't wait to try it out with some natural light! So I took a few photos of myself near one of our larger windows.

Another thing I'm thankful for this week? My new mentee Jihee! I am in love with her! We are incredibly similar and after only spending a couple hours together, it felt like we'd been friends for quite some time. Here are a few photos from our mentee/mentor lunch date that you definitely should not judge me for (:


I'm also thankful for... a few additional healthy snacks this week!!! My dad put our magic bullet to good use and made two delicious fruit juices today. They are seriously so scrumpdiliumptious. I can't stop drinking them all up! And he sweetened them with Agave instead of sugar so I feel even healthier about my decision!


Also, had to give a shoutout to Starbuck's Perfect Oatmeal because... hello, it's perfect. 

And here's a random picture of my best friend because I think it might embarrass him!

& finally I'll leave you with this beautiful message. Hope you all have a great week! 

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