deux & trois - Part II

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dress: BCBG; Florals: Query Events

deux & trois
a homage to 22 & a new chapter; 23

one two, one two
step after step, one year after another
seize it, seize it make sure it's not like any other
bravery, bravery it's your very core my dear
persistent adventure; dismiss every fear
heavenly whispers that calm my heart and mind
trying, trying, searching to find
patience, humility, discipline, whatever it takes to be refined
seeking, seeking He shows up, I'm found
loosened, untied, He ravels me unbound
genuine friendships built and tried 
stuffed faces with all things sweet and fried
warm hugs, heart to hearts, endless dancing, & bellied laughter
celebrating youth, cool breezes, missed sunrises, 
& reminiscing over brunch the morning after
falling leaves, muddy boots, teepee living, and hearts intertwined
lasting moments, memories captured and hearts rendered one of a kind
two three, two three
leaps, leaps, silent steps, head down, heart open, learn to really love, be true
turn to me, turn to me, I'll never leave, I'm always with you
be here, love big, stick with Me
you're found, there's no fear, set sail, rejoice, you're free.

more info & tips on creating your own fort gathering below.

So to create this little haven, we purchased PVC pipe that stretched the length of the room and was about a foot shorter than the height in order to create a beam-esque structure. We bought painter's tarp and draped it over the beam. Being the handy man he is, my father tied fishwire to the middle of the beam and attached it to a hook from the ceiling for extra support. We then came in, tacked up the sides and adorned the pvc pipe with string lights. We used golden safety pins and hung lace we purchased up as an entrance and then this beautiful gold streamers to the other side of the tarp as a minimal backdrop. I covered my unfinished desk for my upcoming office space in a lightly sparkled table cloth and a rough, golden tulle and also asked my friend Ambra from Query Events to create a couple of table pieces and a flower crown for me. We blew up gold balloons to give an added festive touch. I also picked up that lighted K at Marshall's a couple of week's prior for a new office space and spray painted it gold. I figured it would brighten up the space, and that it did. Add a little music, yummy food & drinks, and some amazingly warm hearted people and there you have yourself a great time!

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  1. You are so, so darling. I love your homage!! And these photos! Goodness. I love you so much, SEYSEY <3