#SEYSEYTurns23 - Part I

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Florals by Query Events, Cake by A Slice of Life Cakes, Macarons by Laura Macarena

Since I was a child, I've always celebrated my birthday one way or another. From hotel sleepovers, to tea parties, from wedding inspired large gatherings, to dinners with my closest friends. As I've gotten older and parties have undoubtedly come to look very different, I found myself retreating to the things I enjoyed most growing up. My mind landed upon forts. Whether it be with my parents or my cousin or my best friends, building "forts" were always my favorite. For a great part of my childhood I had various canopies hanging above my bed because I always loved the secluded and whimsical look and feel of being surrounded by a light, ethereal fabric.

So I decided to retreat back to this thought process. Keeping the idea nearly completely a secret, I invited a few of my closest friends over for dinner at my house. We sat under the stringed lights and drank cider and wine, listening to 1989 - sidenote: can we have a discussion in the comment section about how good this album is please, and being ridiculous as usual. I even got my friends to call me SeySey, a nickname I've always desired that never took root. I loved being able to be surrounded by some of the people who know me best and was so grateful for each person's presence. My parents helped me create this mini haven and it was so neat to see my little dream that had been festering in my head come to life.

On my actual birthday, I was seriously overwhelmed with so much love, gratitude, and excitement. I was moved to tears throughout the day and was ugly laughing by the end of the night because I was so giddy. My best friend called me at midnight and we ended up talking for an hour, my office gave me cards and cupcakes, my phone flooded with sweet texts, calls, emails, and posts, another sweet friend surprised me at my office with lunch, and a few friends even surprised me with a dinner, gifts, and a chantilly cake adorned with the most beautiful sparklers. I ended the night dancing to the music in our heads with one of my besties & even getting a little birthday shoutout from Zooey Magazine. And of course, resided one last time for the night in my wonderland of a fort. 22 was a really, really good year.  I have been SOOOOO incredibly blessed, and believe me, I know how undeserving I am. God has given me opportunities greater than I've even imagined at this stage in my life and love and relationships there's no way I could've ever earned. This year... I learned, I grew, I acquired new friendships that I cherish so dearly, I had heartbreaks and new experiences and faced challenges head-on. As disappointment was felt even more dreams came true and I honestly believe 22 may have been the best year of my life. But there's a little voice in my head, and yes, that voice very well may be MJ himself, that says 23 is going to be even better.

Thank you guys for sticking along for the ride.

xx, SeySey

(click below to see photobooth & cake-cutting photos!)
the photobooth & cake-cutting

& Ended the night with a single ladies dance, because... SEY.

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  1. You are a doll!! And this looks like such a sweet & special birthday celebration! Thanks for sharing your special day!
    XO, Joanna
    Grace in Style