Living a Life of Purpose

Thursday, October 25, 2012

So this morning, it began to bother me how many times I went to check if I turned off my curling wand. Even right after I checked (with my hand literally still on the doorknob) I opened the door to check again because I didn't remember what I had just seen! Isn't that crazy?

I started to think about living a life of purpose. I think Joel Osteen (or maybe Joyce Meyers... or both haha) has a book about this as well. It's sad to think about life as constantly going through the motions, constantly wasting our precious time doing the same things over and over; making the same mistakes; having the same worries and doubts holding us back day after day. What's the point? What's the use in that? It's really incredibly silly when you think about it. We should be living with purpose, with a destination. Even if we don't know WHAT we want to be, we know WHO we want to be. So even if it's just living life in the mindset that each action we make should reflect the person we are trying to be would be a step up. Realizing our choices, what we do and say and listen to does make a difference. These things mold us and in turn greatly affect our environments. If it takes the same amount of energy if not more to just go through the motions with worry and self doubt, why not try living with purpose and confidence instead? Can't hurt.

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