The Happiness Project

Sunday, October 14, 2012

"So I'm pretty much all about self help books, but I'm much more inclined to read books that aren't telling me what I need to do, but rather, what someone else did. It's easier to relate a person's journey to your own life and it makes me feel much more in touch with myself as I figure out how to adapt their lessons to my own experiences. Rather than trying to fit my life into the mold of rules given to me. This is why I liked The Happiness Project so much. Gretchen Rubin is completely relatable and her honest with her experience which makes the book such a great and relatable read."

I originally wrote this  couple months ago, but never got around to actually blogging about it. This past weekend, I bought two books that reignited the spark in me. But first, I'll start with this book. SO, she prompted me to make my own list of my own. It doesn't all have to happen at once. It can be a process - step by step, day by day, week by week finding ways to make my life happier. I wrote this list this summer but honestly could not think of a better time to implement it than the present. Each number represents a new focus for the week. I could do it for the month, but I want all of this to fit in the remaining time I have in college, so like everything else in life, I'll rush through it. But hopefully, I'll find I wasn't rushing at all, just choosing not to waste a moment of life.

  1. Embrace.
  2. Engage.
  3. Let go & let live.
  4. Soak it all in.
  5. Accept and love - no judgement.
  6. First things first.
  7. No sulking, only doing.
  8. Make time.
  9. What brings me happiness? Do that.
  10. Appreciate more.
  11. Be Kelsey.
  12. Don't compare, admire, fix, accept.
  13. Be there, especially when your body is. Be present.
  14. Be fearless.
  15. Live in the moment. Enjoy it.

These are my ten commandments/truths.

  1. Trust in God, for He can do all things.
  2. Do it now.
  3. Do good, feel good. & Vice versa.
  4. Make memories and make sure they're remembered. 
  5. You don't have to be good at everything.
  6. Never give up, but be the first to admit if you are wrong.
  7. If you're not failing now, then you're not trying hard enough.
  8. It's important to be nice to everyone.
  9. Save, but make a modest splurge each month.
  10. Always choose love.
As time goes on, maybe I'll find that some of my resolutions become commandments and vice versa. Or maybe I'll add a whole bunch and in time narrow them all down to one. I'm not sure. This is a journey. My journey. Not to make life beautiful again, because I know that it has never ceased, but to be able to not only see it, but to experience it, appreciate it, and everything around me. To not only experience spurts of happiness, but to recenter myself and my mentality in the deeply embedded state of joy I most certainly have within me. Keep up with me? (:

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