Monday, March 4, 2013

is amazing.

I love the opportunities I have to learn and be filled outside of the classroom. I love filling my weekends with people I love and things I love to do. And have I mentioned how I love, love, loooooove passionate people? Because I do.

This weekend, I got to experience all of that. This weekend, I got to attend Campus Harvest with these loooovely girls (Erika, Sheridan, Heidi, my sweet and pregnant mentor Emily, Brittany, Lauren, Ayke my precious little, Eden, Blake, Thuy-an, Courtney, and Laura!)

Some of these girls attend the Female Bible Study each week, which I've noted on before. It was so incredible getting to see all of these girls, as well as so many young people draw closer to God. We had the most incredible speakers share their own testimonies and stories and it was all so beautiful. I even got the opportunity to go on stage and speak about how our Bible Study began, and about listening to God, when he speaks to you. Later on that evening, I also had the incredible opportunity to baptize Sheridan. I can't imagine someone being more excited about the experience and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to do this for such an amazing girl who is so on fire for Christ. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! :) I was really nervous hahaha, but it was awesome. I loved being able to stand and prayer this weekend and watch as God moved in the lives of everyone around me. I'm also glad I got to see the SMU kids for a little bit, though I wish we had gotten to spend more time with them. They are such a diverse group of individuals that work so well together cohesively. I absolutely love them and all of their big, warm hearts! I am rather distraught, however, that I didn't get a picture with one of my new favoritest people, Esther Oh. But I'm sooo glad that I did get to spend even the tiniest bit of time with her over the weekend, because she was up there rocking the stage, worshipping Jesus for a great portion of it! BEAUTIFUL!

Over the past couple weeks, I've heard time and TIME again about how God is working in the lives of my loved ones. It's so beautiful and uplifting and encouraging to hear. It seriously warms my heart and being able to share the experiences of how He is working in mine through my faith. I LOVE IT. Faith is AMAZING. I'm so excited about it and I want to spend more time exploring this and growing in it. I truly want to be transformed from the inside out and I'm really enjoying the process of getting there. One of my main prayers for this year was for the Lord to make me more vulnerable, something that I'm completely uncomfortable with, an idea in itself that makes me cringe. AND I THINK IT'S HAPPENING. I've already been incredibly more emotional in 2013 than I've been in the past. And not in the sense of little fits of anger haha, but instead in a sense of allowing words, actions, deeds, and thoughts to penetrate my heart in a way that I had a hard time accepting in many instances in the past. It's still a struggle, but it's a work that is certainly in progress!

Another few things I'm grateful for: understanding and open minds. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be able to share things that touch me with people who aren't of the same faith as me, but who can listen to and appreciate my stories. I'm also incredibly thankful for people who I can speak to about my faith and who understand and can uplift me and who can point out the things that I've blinded myself from. Who can provide Godly viewpoints on the circumstances I've boxed myself into, and who speak and think with the heart and mind of God, instead of one of this world. Sometimes a simple understanding goes so much further than you could possibly expect. 

THERE IS SO MUCH I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU, BUT I CAN ALREADY FEEL MY BLOG BECOMING CLUTTERED. I want to tell you about everything I learned at Campus Harvest and make a blog post based on my notes, I want to obviously show y'all a couple of food pictures and some ratings on those items, and then also I want to tell you about my NEW PRECIOUS LITTLE AYKE, who you probably saw was briefly mentioned before. But I will pace these things out in a timely, cohesive manner so it doesn't become completely overwhelming. 

There's really mounds and mounds more to say, but until next time!

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