"My insides are crying!!!"

Saturday, March 30, 2013

So this week's post is just going to be kind of backwards, for the sake of my desires!

Yesterday afternoon, our awesome friend Erika (featured above) took some photos for Victoria and I to display our our website! She knows her way around the camera pretty darn well (which I suppose she should considering we used to take pictures together!) Especially because she's a Nikon (or used to be, even though she's a Canon at heart) and Victoria and I are both Canons :)

 Also, she's an incredible makeup artist, so hit her up! We stocked her up with our gear, adjusted the settings, and put her critical eye to the test to capture some great shots for us! And ummm duh, she delivered.

Well, maybe after this one. Some things you just can't help...

And so it begins....

she's so gorgeeeous!!!

Afterwards, we took a brief trip down the road to Chocolate Secrets, this adorable chocolate shop with live jazz music at night and a beautiful array of liquor infused chocolates and delectables.


 We grabbed an assortment of beautifully marbled pieces and bought our first bottle of pinot noir as a gift for the birthday man! We also got to hear a few initial moments of the jazz musicians before we headed off to a  surprise party for the husband of a friend of Victoria's, not to mention another amazing photographer, Heather.

We had to explain our connections to the couple so many times, but basically we second shot a wedding for a photographer who referred Victoria to help second shoot for another photographer named Heather, who's a second shooter for another photographer, when she can't be there. So Victoria began second shooting for Heather and has kept in touch with her and I even met Heather at the Bell Jar Prom we attended a few months ago. Ultimately, Heather invited Victoria and alas, we end up at the party, despite Victoria's apparent fear of strangers haha.

Pretending to snap a photo of Victoria, so I could at least show a snippet of how beautiful this place is hahaha.

Once we arrived in the building, it was like we stepped into an alternate universe. And even more so once we stepped into the apartment. Imagine an urbanized Friends apartment, meets the apartment in New Girl, with a rustic and industrial twist. Basically, it was spacious, artistic, and gorgeous. I probably gawked over the apartment for the first 20 minutes we were there, which ultimately kept us away from meeting all of the amazing people at the party that were even MORE gawk worthy. Like seriously, we were in the presence of photography royalty. I really wanted to ask everyone for pictures with them, but didn't want to make my age (or lack of worthiness) even more apparent. 

Korena, Victoria, Heather & I! They are such lovely ladies! Instax picture snapped by Rocky Garza!

It was so beautiful to be in a room surrounded by creatives. Literally, each person we engaged in conversation with was doing something creative and amazing. Something that creative people must take for granted is that constant environment. I remember last week standing in a room full of business professionals feeling so misplaced. I just knew it felt wrong and honestly thought to myself about how this isn't how it should be for something I'm meant to do for the rest of my life. And then came last night -- I felt so comfortable and ultimately felt really understood. And in turn I felt like I really understood their concerns and their desires. I don't know. As cheesy as it sounds it was really like seeing a piece of their hearts. It's beautiful how passionate people can become about their art and how much of the world it can open you up to. So basically Victoria and I were in a room full of people who were living our dream lives. GAWKING.

Everyone was SOOO beautiful and sweet and open with us. I was absolutely overwhelmed by how incredible everyone was and thus I coined the term "My insides are crying!!!" because as strange as it may be, I never cry tears of joy. But, it felt like I was crying... even though physical tears were not present. 

Victoria, on the other hand, most likely went home and cried real tears. And oh my goodness, as if we weren't already on Cloud 9 some not so shabby (meaning actually really cute) fellows complimented us on the way out for being beautiful haha. Goes to show happy girls are the prettiest ;)

Another thing that made me cry on the inside this week? ONE REPUBLIC'S NEW ALBUM. If you know me, or have known me for like... more than a month, then you probably know about my love of One Republic. So when I finally got the deluxe version of my boys' new album I literally couldn't contain my excitement... i.e., snapchatted pictures of it TO EVERYONE. And bought it for my mentee... And Victoria and I listened to them on the way to and from Dallas.... I mean, helllllooooo. They're wonderful.

This Tuesday, Emily actually got to come to Bible study! ANDDDD Thuy-an got baptized!!! Which is amazing :) So excited. So happy! SO WONDERFUL!

I was happy to get to reconnect with my girls afterwards, and to have the opportunity to catch up with a couple friends throughout the week as well. Even though I had like 3 yucky exams this week, it ended up being so awesome and wrapped up really well. I had an amazing week and now I cannot wait until next week and the next and the next and the next leading up to graduation. Soooo many awesome things are in store, I'm so excited :3

I also got $50 for taking an assessment exam.... so that was awesome. And after I left the room, the world appeared to be so beautiful hahaha so here's a photo I snapped leaving COBA.

So on a closing note, here's a few pictures that at least made me laugh...

I thought this was going to be a snapchat. Hahaha, ah the wonders of technology.

Here's Erika on her victory stump!!! Though it doesn't look like it'd be difficult to reach, it was a struggle, for suuuure. Quite steep, actually.


Me: Omg, I can't deal with you. Victoria: WHAAAAAAAA?!

 Gotta love your friends. Like seriously, I have the best friends ever. I'm SOOO fortunate and grateful for everyone in my life. And everyone who reads my blog, oh my goodness, it's crazy that people will read my jumbled rambles. Y'all are so wonderful. <3
I hope everyone has an absolutely AMAZING Easter and is ready for my presence on social media once again ;)


  1. Your life is amazing. It's sooo filled with fun and adventure! Love seeing you step into your dream and seeing your life unfold! Love you, Kelsey!

    1. Esther, you are seriously the bomb.com. Love love love you! <3