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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I don't know if you've realized this but I'm a sucker for analogies. I love them. And when they're relevant to my life currently, oh my goodness, you might as well wrap my heart up to go. I love being able to create analogies on my own as well.

Today, my friend Devyn passed by in a rush. It seemed like he was going to just tap me to say hello, but he didn't even really give me eye contact. Didn't really take any notice to it, just assumed he got distracted in his thought and a tap was all he could give me as he passed by haha. Anyways, as I was listening to audio on, which is amaaaazing might I add, I finally saw that he had left me a fortune cookie to put up on the wall in my office. I wonder why no one makes scripture cookies... those would probably be a little more effective haha.

Anyways, the instance got me thinking about God. Do you ever feel like God kind of just isn't paying attention to you? Not doing works in you and you're just going through life. It's not like you're no longer under his love and protection, but just like He's a little too busy working in the lives of others. And maybe sometimes He'll give you a little something, a little spark, a little tap, but that quickly fades away and you wonder if he ever even gave you any true attention in the first place. Have you ever felt like that? And you're so wrapped up in yourself and your life and your own problems and how God's not paying any attention to you that you can't even hear the things He's trying to say to you, you can't see the message He's already left for you.

This past weekend at Campus Harvest, we had a speaker that actually spoke about the silent sovereignty of God. He told us how God's silence is not His absence. God's still doing things in your life right now and you should live in the light of this. God has placed you where you are to work through you. Maybe in the midst of everything that's going on, God is trying to show you where your purpose lies, lessons that He needs you to learn for things that will come to you in your future.

"The King upholds you. He lives within you. Is there anything you cannot do? Is there anything you should fear?"

He told us about a Australian Olympist with the last name Bradberry. He ended up winning the gold because the skaters in 1-4 place all tumbled upon each other in the final moments and since he was staying steady skating he was unaffected by their mishap and skated on through to the victory. More than half of life is just about showing up and steadying the course.

Another speaker during Campus Harvest spoke to us about our feelings. He reminded us that God is the spirit and those who worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. And if you believe this, the spirit is inside of you and you should reside in the truth which is the Scripture. The Scripture dictates truth. He reminded us to dictate our walks with God based on HIS WORD. Not based on our feelings. God is bigger than our feelings. God is bigger than our moments of doubts and uncertainty and moments where we feel attacked and alone. And even if you can't currently feel His presence, if you reside in His word, you know He is always with you.

In the Passion 4 Christ Movement podcast I'm listening to, the speaker provided an amazing analogy about authority. When children do something like break a vase, even when their parents aren't there, they know how their parents are going to react. They might know they're going to get a whoopin or maybe that they are going to get grounded, or whatever the punishment may be. They know it even though their parents are there because that authority is still present, even when it seems like it's not.

And that's like God. Even if you can't see Him or feel Him, you know Him. You know what He's told you and you know His word is true. If He is always with you and 10,000 angels are always camping around you then even if you can't feel it, you better believe those angels are still camping around you. When you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, He is right there beside you.

Even if the world is telling you He's not and trying to distract you from His glory, you can find comfort and assurance and the truth in His word. Moses knew God in such a way that reality was not what he saw, but what God was teaching him. Reality is not what you see, but what you read in the Bible. The word of God is the truth. The word of God determines reality. It may be really happening, but it's not really true, or it's not really the right way.

In some moments, I honestly wish I could just sit in God's wisdom all day long. And just sit here and learn and soak it all up. Because it's just so beautiful. I love listening to people who are so passionate about God and seeing how God works through them and the wisdom and love He fills them with. And He can do the same with you and I, if we only reach out to Him in faith. And that's just the truth.

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