An Upcoming Fall Fashion Soiree

Monday, September 22, 2014

So life can be whimsical, wonderful, overwhelmingly great, overwhelmingly stressful, but rarely mundane. If life is mundane you're doing it wrong. I'm positively sure of it because there are too many amazing things in this world for you not to be excited about something! If it's stressful, you may ALMOST be doing it right, but may need to scoot some things off your plate, get a sense of what items you find irresistible and want more of, which you might not want to go back for seconds to get, and what proportions work best for you. Food analogies are my favorite if you can't tell... I will try to work food into nearly any situation... bacon.

Which is totally where I'm at right now - not with bacon, but the rest of that paragraph. I know what I like and what I dislike. I like interacting with people who are passionate, who also like interacting with people, and who like to make working fun. I like people who focus on the positives, but who are also willing to be real and express a frustration or concern now and then. I like writing and painting and drinking tea outside. I like reading my Bible and realizing what a doofus I've been and how great people are and how good I have it. I like Jesus and how great He is. I like the fall, the warm air and the cool breezes. I like layering, the cozy color palettes and dark hues, slipping into something comfy and cute. I like the changing colors and all the frozen frapps I can't seem to get enough of each weekend. I like small gatherings, warm hugs, and smiling faces. And last but not least, I'd really like to see you this Thursday if you can make it! I will be hosting a little event in Via C at Nordstrom at NorthPark. There will be great people, sweet treats, killer tunes, and overall it will be a pretty darn neat time. Stop by between 6 and 8 to meet me and awesome new people, chat, shop, take a few pics with me or in the photo-booth and have a great time!

I would so love to see you guys there! Hope you can make it out :)