Clean Lines + Smooth Times

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Madewell blazer | BR similar denim | similar wedges | BR similar oversized t | Daddy's raybans

Let's face it. Sometimes life is truly a breeze. You're finally pursuing the things that drive your passion, you're getting recognized for your hard work, you're growing in areas you've prayed for, and things finally seem to be falling into place. And then there are times in life when things feel a little rocky. It may be your organizational skills, study habits, your quiet time, a relationship, or maybe something internal.

Growing up, whenever I was faced in a difficult situation, my mother would pray over me and then always say to me "Mind over matter, Kelsey. Mind over matter." And though that was probably the very last thing I wanted to hear, sometimes it was the very thing I needed to. 


Through these words, she taught me that you perceive your own reality, and the way you view the world, your surroundings, and people will greatly affect how you allow your interactions with these things to affect you.  When you place your faith in something greater, something steady, consistent, and true, you don't have to be swayed every which way by your circumstances, but you can rest in the knowledge that you have a loving God watching over you.

Life isn't always ups and it won't always be downs either. Sometimes life is made up of smooth times, but sometimes it can feel like it's all on the rocks too. But in both those difficult moments and in the smooth times, we need to remember to praise God all the same, because He doesn't forsake us regardless of how great or how bad our situations seem to be. He is right beside us, cheering us on as we achieve those victories, just as He is holding us when we feel like nothing is going right.  

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