Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dress by ASTR at Nordstrom | Necklace by J. Crew

This season of my life has been filled with so much joy. Things I once prayed, yearned and desired for so greatly in my heart have come to reality in ways I would've never imagined and in such abundance.  I feel like I've gained so many genuine friends and engaged in such wonderful relationships in such a short period of time. Truly a rush of grace and favor has come upon my life. I've been asked to partake in projects I never would've even imagined I would have the opportunity to do. I've felt that my opinion, my effort, and my work has been desired and cherished. And though I'm not really someone who has ever looked to man for approval, it's a nice feeling. I've been able to collaborate, contribute, listen, share, pray, think, empathize, and grow.  It's absolutely amazing how God delivers. 

In this period, I've found at times that you don't need to have an explanation for everything. If you're joyful, it's okay to take time out to simply be. To simply be happy and to enjoy life just because. Just because I feel like it, just because God's grace moves me, just because life is good. Like sit and paint outside, or get myself a frappuccino with caramel and mocha AND a shot of expresso, or to go out of my way to serve or give or share love and compassion with someone. This weekend, before one of my best friend Esther's birthday dinner's, was one of these times I wanted to do something just because. I asked my best friend Thuy-An if she would wanted to go take pictures in a field before we headed downtown, to which she graciously agreed, with heart eyed emojis and everything! The sun was setting so we parked and ran across a few lanes of traffic to frolic in some wheat and catch some warm rays.

So now it's your turn! What is lifting your heart in this season of life? What's making you feel joyful? I would love to hear! But don't leave it at that. I want to encourage you to go out and act on that joy! Embrace it, share it, relish in the goodness that is this season of you life. Do it just because.


  1. Waffle! What's been lifting my heart during this season is knowing that I can be so intimate with God in the little moments in life...mornings in the backyard or nights in my car before I go inside my house. It makes me so happy knowing he's up there in heaven watching me and listening to me, while his spirit is there inside me. Another thing is that I don't remember a time where the sunsets have been so fiercely beautiful for so many consecutive days as it has been lately. It reminds me of his bright glory and faithfulness. And I've found so much joy in creativity lately!

    Love you and your heart fuheva eva xoxoxoo

  2. YOU are one of my greatest joys! His divine love and grace on your life is mind blowing and breathtaking. He's such a good Father. Run your race, girl! Our reward is in Heaven. Love you!!