It's beginning to look a lot like Fall...

Sunday, September 14, 2014

On Friday, fall hit us. Hard. Giving us a break from the hot hot, all encompassing heat and possibly ushering in an early winter. In Texas's temperamental weather, there's no guarantee how long it will stay, but with the damp air, the cool breezes, and the number of hot drinks pumped out at Starbucks today, I'd say fall is definitely among us and winter is probably quickly following suit.

I have been super overwhelmed these past few... weeks and sometimes it becomes easy to feel misunderstood. And as odd as it sounds to me, nature has been a place in which I've felt peace. Sitting on the porch, walking across campus, down the street, shooting in parks, at the water, whatever. It's been so nice to just take moments to experience peace.

This weekend, was probably one of the first in a few months where I didn't have at least 3 obligations going into it. I had 2... and a list of to do's. But they were client meetings, sending out a few emails, and shipping out a couple of prints. Yet still pretty calm to many in the past which left me feeling a bit odd with the ability to really slow down.

I think with the extreme temperature drop, as well as a sharp change in pace, yesterday, I was hit with nostalgia so deeply. As the cloudy skies and drizzle shuffled me in the door at Starbucks, and throwbacks danced through my radio all the way there, nostalgia was like a warm and familiar blanket that was draped over me. I felt happy and sad all at the same time. I felt at home and also in a place I had been before, but at the same time in a place which had changed. Regardless, I wanted to embrace it. I turned off the air conditioner and just sat in the cool, brisk air to remember what it feels like to be in between seasons. On the way home, cold drink in hand (I always crave cold drinks and ice cream as the temperature drops) I turned on the seat warmers and heaters and remembered what that stark contrast in temperatures felt like, what the fall and winter felt like, what I felt in the seasons past. I immediately felt Christmas coming and I remembered those feelings of the holiday seasons, how much more cheerful my surroundings become, little surprises, waking up without an alarm, and the joy that begins to fill so many people.

So I decided I wanted to celebrate this changing in seasons with another outfit blog post. You guys responded really well to my past one, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to begin to sprinkle them in when relevant. I've done a couple other shoots, but I've found I enjoy them most when showing a couple different ways to dress or accessorize the same key pieces.

studious glam //
So I decided to name this outfit studious glam, because this girl (how weird- this girl is obviously me but I'm detaching myself and analyzing the outfit haha) looks like she has brains, but isn't afraid to share a few style tips with you between study breaks as well. She likes her books, but she likes her gems and gold accessories nearly as much!


tomboy chic // 
I decided to change the look up by switching out some key accessories. Losing the glasses and adding a classic leather cap, switching out the crossbody for a large satchel, and opting out of the sparkly sneaks for some suede cuff pumps with gold buckles; this girl looks like she just hopped off of a plane from the Northeast (which is coincidentally where a lot of people say my style is reminiscent of). She's set for a day out with friends, a quick meeting to pick up a couple of lattes, and dinner at your favorite casual to mid-classy spot (right after she buries the cap in her Kate Spade bag).



My daily outfits are usually a mix of really old and brand spanking new. These looks are no different.

bags & hat // 
1. Classic retired Coach crossbody circa 1990's via my madre 
2. Kate Spade two toned satchel from Winter 2012
3. Hat via my dad's current closet that he probably bought in the 90's haha

1. Necklace J Crew Outlet via Summer 2013
2. Gold Chain Link Bracelet via J. Crew 2013
3. Black Gem Braclet via Target currently
4. Other random bracelets via my Mom's collection over the years

1. Steve Madden Sparkly Sneakers via 2012
2. Target Pointed Suede Heels currently in store (similar)

1. Madewell Perfect for Fall Black Blazer currently in store
2. Old Navy Button Down Blouse via Fall 2013
3. J. Crew Polka Dot Corduroys via Fall 2013

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I had to take a moment to feature two of my latest and favorite items. One being my black, Kate Spade studs gifted to me by one of my best friends for pretty much no reason at all, except for the fact that a few months ago I told him she was probably my favorite designer. He's such a sweetie sometimes and I can't help but love him.  Second is my midi ring from Madewell, purchased along with the featured blazer last weekend at my friend Tiana's Madewell event, which I'm sure I will feature on here soon! They're both so classic and fun. Plus they go together amazingly, which makes it all even better!


So what are some of your fall favorites and outfit go-tos? I would love to know!

Until next time! xoxo

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  1. it's crazy how switching just one accessory can switch up the whole "feel" of an outfit!

    my fall staples are definitely cardigans and scarves.
    that's all i wear.