A little happy surprise for your Monday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

So the time has finally come! You asked for, I said I would, and I finally did it! iPhone wallpapers!

The two colorful quotes I was asked to write out recently and I really loved the heart and passion behind them! I've been a long time fan of Maya Angelou's words and Vincent van Gogh quotes have really been so on point with my life and thought process recently. I don't know why  it took me so long to begin looking into things he's said. 

The middle one may already make sense to you if you follow me on instagram! I've been doing a little series on gratitude where I try to remember to hashtag #gratitudefordays and write something I'm thankful for on instagram as frequently as possible. I figured this would be a way to take this to the next level. If you download this wallpaper, I challenge you to set it as your lock screen on your iPhone so each time you press the home button, you're prompted to fill in that blank! Being thankful for our blessings and all God has done in our lives makes it really hard not to be filled with love and joy. Let's incline ourselves towards leading lives filled with gratitude and think about all of our blessings more often!

I hope you enjoy these and that they bless you throughout your time using them!




  1. these are beautiful.
    i particularly love the very last quote.
    i've never heard it before but it's definitely one of my favourites now.
    thanks for sharing!


  2. Ah! Kelsey, you are so, so, so talented. I love these! <3