Monday, February 9, 2015

I've never been "taken" on Valentine's Day. Sure I've gotten asked out, I've gotten the chocolates and the roses and the teddy bears, but I've never actually been with someone. And given I have a pretty awful memory, I can't necessarily attest to how I've felt in Valentine's Days prior to the past 3 or 4. But I can say that these past three or four have been amazing. I like being single. That's not to say I don't want to ever have a significant other, or that I don't like couples in love. I love that stuff. Engagement shoots are my favorite. Wedding videos make me weak in the knees. Show me a creative proposal video and I'll show everyone and their mother in love. & I like the idea of romance. But it's not the reality of my life right now. And I pretty much love the reality of my life right now, so I don't feel like anyone or anything is missing. This all to say, I am stoked for Valentine's this year, as I have been in the past. My friends and family always find sweet ways to show me I'm loved and cared for. Whether it be with my favorite candies or flowers, candies, notes, texts, or calls. Valentine's really can be so much fun! I think, like with anything else, it's what you make of it! This year, my friends and I are getting together for a little "single ladies galentine's day party" and I cannot wait. I honestly think  a room full of dolled up ladies indulging in chocolate, wine, sweets, & hors d'ourves beats a crowded restaurant any day! & I think when I finally am taken on Valentine's, it may continue to look very similarly, but we can sprinkle some boys in the mix too.

In honor of some fun things going on in life, my sweet pal Tiana & I decided to put together this fun little video! We wanted to celebrate this season, have a lot of fun - which of course we did, and provide a sneak peek to an upcoming instagram giveaway featuring some of our absolute favorite products! I'm pretty much obsessed with this song, so we found a great cover of it to hopefully get you a little excited and maybe even inspire some of you out there to grab a couple of friends and HAVE SOME FUN! This day, like any other, really is whatever you make out of it! And I know it can be really hard for people sometimes, but trust me, if you really want it to be, it truly can be just as sweet.  

hope you enjoy it !

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