A little bit.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There's just been waaay too much happening in this past month and half, that though I've told myself time and time again I'd update sooner, it's come to today for me to actually publish a post... 

Though I haven't been keeping the social world, or my journal sadly, updated on my life happenings, I've been trying to keep tabs on little daily epiphanies and I have seen a few reoccurring themes I'd like to explore. 

First a few random things, to clear my mind (and the notes section in my phone).

1) On a day when I was looking particularly rough, 4 people called me beautiful. That could attest to the fact that beauty is more than skin deep, people really think I'm prettier without makeup, or it really seemed like I was having a rough day and people felt bad for me and wanted to make me feel better. Regardless, let's go with option A! Leaving the house without makeup on sometimes makes me feel vulnerable and insecure because my skin is far from flawless, but that's okay, because sometimes I came home feeling even more beautiful than when I left.

2) Don't just put some of your faith in God. Place ALL of it in Him. He can do all things. No ONE and no THING is a lost cause. Why think he can only help get you out of a small sticky situation, but not a big one? This is the same God who can move mountains and bring the dead back to life. Don't think that your circumstances are out of His control.

3) Don't let fear prohibit you from doing well or accomplishing the things you want to do/ the places you want to go in life. Upon nearing my graduation, I wrote a little rant in my notes about myself and my current state of being, but it ended off on this pretty positive note, once I took a moment to reflect. "But honestly, this whole time I haven't been scared of my future before. I've had this amazing peace and faith in God for what's to come. Though I've had opportunity to grow in college, I've felt restricted to do so many things that I've wanted to do. I guess now what's scary is that it's time to stop dreaming and actually go do it ad considering I have no structured plan for how to do that, I need to make some strategic plans. Lara Casey's blog post really came at a perfect time. I need to create my perfect job, my perfect life! I have had countless ideas run through my mind throughout my education. I need to pray about them and see which ones God still really calls my heart towards. As far as men... I probably couldn't be less worried. Didn't get that MRS while I got my BBA, but I would much rather someone enter my life when I'm at the place where I want to be."

There are always tons of little things racing through my mind and weighing on my heart, but it's those moments of clarity at the end of the tunnel that allow me to grow from them. And that's why I appreciate a place to blog so much because I can actually see myself moving forward. Especially in those moments when I feel so stagnant, or like I've taken a zillion steps in the opposite direction. 

On that note, I think that's enough for this post. Up next, thoughts on food and friends! A graduation post is to come, but I'm not quite ready yet. So, please be patient :)


  1. Okay. First off, I LOVE YOUR NEW BANNER!! Lawd. Teach me your ways, Kelsey! And second, even though I don't know much of your history, I can tell that God is doing an amazing work in you, strengthening you and encouraging you day by day, molding you to become an even more faithful woman of God. It's really beautiful to see/read about (hehehe). A friend of mine told me that inspiration comes from the Holy Spirit. So, as you've been reading certain blog posts and have had ideas of what you want to do, know that the Holy Spirit is guiding you and leading you through life. I'll be praying for you on these topics as well<3

    1. Girl, I will help you make a banner any day with the photoshop skills I do have. Thank you so much for your constant encouragement! You provide so much wisdom and are such a wonderful friend to me and I can't wait to spend time with you this Friday!!! <3