Life advice from my little!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sometimes, life's just awesome because you just get all this unexpected advice, love, and encouragement. Today was one of those days. If you aren't sure where life is leading you, please take this sound advice from my little. She'll be making a "little" appearance (as she calls it) on the blog next week, so get excited! She just has to gather all of her thoughts of wisdom ;) Hope it can potentially help all of you too... "maybe."

"But really your plan is already set. God has that all set.. remember telling me this?! :) lol

Little advice on life choices: Answer these questions..

1). Does it sparkle? (does it make you happy?)
2). Is it important to you?
3). Is it what you are going to love doing every day?
4). Is it what you want your life to mean/ matter?
5). What do you want?
6). If your confused on that like yo little then go to the crazy side and come back it will do ya wonders. When your back from the crazy side reread the questions and answer them. Write those down and then look at it tomorrow.
7) Lastly life is confusing its what makes it wonderful and magical. And to be confused is a blessing. 

8) I'm crazy. But so are you. 
 your little. 

9). Also this is a serious survey that could potentially help you! :) ... 

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  1. haha how smart is this little of yours?!?! Seems to be too smart for her own good.. maybe?! :)