Of Food & Friends: Oddfellow's

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Early last week, I visited Oddfellows in Bishop Arts District with some good friends! Oddfellows is such a cute little restaurant, where you can stop in and just get a fresh mug of coffee, sit barside and order one of their presumably delicious adult beverages, or just dine in the rustic indoors or outdoor patio. The atmosphere is always fun and urban, which is pretty much the atmosphere of the entire complex. It's always a fun place to visit, however on Mondays, apparently quite a few shops are closed or close early. So if you plan on visiting, perhaps another weekday would be best or weekend even better! This particular group of girls featured is crazy, but I love them all so much. Each with her own very distinct personalities and traits, it definitely made for a good time with good food and good friends! In order to keep up with the food review aspect of my blog, I asked each of them to give me a review of their meal!

Dish featured: Heuvos Racheros, eaten by Monica. 
DescriptionMine was yummy! The salsa was really fresh and the potatoes were delicious. The huevos rancheros were just as good as my mom's, if not better. One of my favorites there.  
** I've also had this dish and can attest to it's deliciousness!

Dish featured: Eggs Benedict, eaten by Thuy-an. 
Rating: ★.5
Description: "Really good... dericious!" Thuy-an's only other comments about the dish were regarding the fact that she prefers her eggs cooked differently. On the side she also ordered a chocolate and berries pancake which she also found to be delightful. 
*** When I ordered the dish previously, I had it with scrambled eggs instead and still really enjoyed it and would have given it 4/5 stars.

Dish featured: Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Eaten by ME!
Description: I thought this dish was delicious and savory! I love mac & cheese and the tender buffalo chicken made it even better by adding a little kick to the dish. In addition, I loved the cheese crumbles and chopped green onions that overall gave the dish greater depth and a more than satisfactory array of flavors. Batul and many others at the table could attest to its yumminess. Honestly, this is a must try.

Dish featured: Eggs, toast, and bacon, eaten by my little Ayke!
Rating: TBA 
Description: TBA... But honestly, it was just eggs, bacon, and toast. I bet it was pretty good because there's really not much you can do to go wrong with that.


Dish featured: Chicken & Waffles, eaten by Laura!
What Laura is telling us is that she found the dish to be delicious. She couldn't find a single thing wrong with the dish because it was simply that amazing. 
** I too have had this item on the menu and though it was pretty darn great! 

Dish featured: Red Velvet Pancakes, eaten by my mentee Loannie!
Rating: ★.5
Description: Loan did give this dish a little extra credit by nothing that it would've been a 4/5 had she only ordered one pancake. Loan prefers savory to sweet so two of these pancakes was a little too much sweetness for her, however she found them to be delicious and if I recalll correctly, so did Batul! I had a small nibble, but am not a fan of red velvet and these were verrry red velvetty... so maybe that will turn some of you red velvet lovers towards ordering these off the menu next time! 

Now please enjoy these photos of my friends and I, acting a mess. There are excessive amounts of images because they just really love playing around with my camera! ... and being in front of it haha. 

Batul does karate and Laura's a gangster? I'm not sure.

the hand framing face seems to be a big thing.

I really, I just don't know...

obligatory power point... also, no clue.

Just... what? haha

typical Laura!
my sweet menteeee <3

It was so hot, that we decided to go inside and treat ourselves to a few cold beverages and rootbeer floats at Hunky's, which were delicious and perfect for the sunny day! 

I just think this is the cutest photo ever hahahaha
casual talk, ya know. not posing or anything. 

Hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. You & your friends are beautifulllllll & I LOVE Oddfellows!

    1. I LOVE YOU. & How you are commenting on everything. You make me so happy! <3