Of Food & Friends: Kirin Court & Sweet Mix

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have this thing about me, where I just really, really like my friends. I don't know how or why but I was blessed with some of the most beautiful people to come into my life and despite ups and downs, distances, and circumstances, I've been able to maintain relationships with some incredible people.

After discussing relationships with people with my little the other day, I realized how much I value the relationships I've cultivated with people and how I can easily turn to many different friends for a variety of different things. All I know is that I'm very grateful for all of them and especially these three right here, who have all touched my life in unexpected and immeasurable ways. Honestly, each one of them has shown me so much love and such true friendship that I probably never even deserved to begin with. I don't really know how to put into words the appreciation I feel for all of them, but I hope they know that they've each had a great impact on me and who I am now.  

It's great getting together over delicious food, but even more so when the company is a bunch of good friends that allow you to feel so comfortable in your own skin. It's so much fun getting together with old friends and catching up, or just being flat out ridiculous. Here are some images from the day! Ivy took us to Kirin Court & Sweet Mix, both of which I'd heard raves reviews about, but never visited.

I would give Kirin Court ★.5! I really enjoyed the ambience and from the moment I walked into the restaurant, I immediately felt like I stepped into China or at least Chinatown. The food was good and affordable and we were able to eat a bunch of different dishes. I was stuffed to the brink for about $12 or $13 (per person) including a +20% tip (collectively)!  It really depends on how many items you order though and what beverages you get. For those of you who have never experienced dim sum, it's an awesome way to dine, if you ask me! You are seated and immediately food begins to surround you, pushed in carts by waitresses every few minutes. The moment you are out of a dish, you can instantly order another one! And if you don't like it, it's not that big of a deal, because it was only a few dollars and split between the group of you, less than $1! On average, my compadres gave Kirin Court a 4.067, given that they probably shouldn't have eaten a few dishes that I smartly opted out on! Haha

There should be a website for black girls taking pictures of asians taking pictures of food.

Pretty sure I asked her to take a picture of my teacup in hand, and got this. HA, IVY.

After we stuffed our faces, I made them take a picture outside, because the flowers were seriously so cute, but it began raining harder and harder and I gave up on hopes of a decent image, so here we have this hahahaha.

Then, we ended up at Sweet Mix! On average, the items here received .6 from my friends and  from me. I just got a juiced boba tea, which wasn't very impressive (though I did think I was ordering a smoothie and mistakenly ordered this instead) while my friends got dessert crepes. I wasn't a big fan of the crepes, simply because I prefer mine to be crispy and these crepes were soft. I was less than impressed with them, but believe that the waffles and french toast looked delicious and the customer service was great! I think we also could all agree that the ambience set for a good time and they had a great soundtrack, as if they knew we were ready to embarrassingly bust out into song as if there weren't at least 5 other customers in the restaurant... Bowie kids.

Ivy's "Strawriffic" Crepe complete with strawberry ice cream on the side!

Kelly's "Chocolate Lover's" Crepe, filled with nutella and a side of chocolate ice cream!

ugh, why are they so stinking cute?

She really loves me though.

Told ya.

We were born this way.

Love Huyzee, so much!

completely oblivious to whatever is going on with them...

#selfies, as if all the other pictures weren't enough!

& For sticking around so long, here are some embarrassing vines from the day :)

Me, making fun of Kelly's accent hahaha


As you can tell, we were all really excited to take pictures of our dim sum. Ivy was just ready to dive in...

Me, imitating Huy and the country boy A&M has made him. Gosh, I love my friends hahaha.
And to finish it off, a sweet little end note from Ivy!
AW, IVY. you're the sweetest.

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