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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So after working so diligently at the shoot last weekend, Erika and I decided to treat ourselves to something delicious for an early dinner... well early for me considering I usually eat dinner after 9 pm. 

After a failed attempt to catch the end of the Main Street Art Festival and aimlessly driving around for about 15 minutes, we decided to stop at this restaurant called Grimaldi's! I so badly wanted pasta, so this was seemingly perfect!!! However, as it turned out... all they serve is pizza.... With the exception of a few salads, beverages, and desserts. I was slightly heartbroken, but obviously not for long!

I mean seriously, do you see that string of cheese?
Grimaldi's ended up being delicious! The pizzas are completely customizable, so you can choose pretty much everything, down to whether you want tomato pizza sauce, garlic white sauce or pesto instead, to be smothered upon the crust of your pizza!

Erika and I were probably a little too hungry, and a little too excited. Look at her playing it cool though. She's such a beaut :')

Erika's pizza
Erika got the pesto sauce on her pizza and topped it with their delicious Italian sausage, tomatoes, and more pesto I believe. I got the white garlic sauce on my pizza, topped with Italian meatballs. Both were just delicious. We kept stealing each other's slices of pizza and we so stuffed, we had to take remainders home in to go boxes!

The crust was thin and crispy yet still satisfying to a doughy crust lover, such as myself! The meat was very flavorful and all of the ingredients seemed to compliment each other really well! I'm not sure how easy it would be to concoct a pizza from Grimaldi's that would not be delicious!

Told you she was hungry. 

This place was awesome. They also had many favorite Italian desserts like Tiramisu and cannolis, however we were so stuffed we couldn't even look that way. It was all so delicious, however I wish they would diversify the menu a little bit more. I bet they'd make a mean pasta dish! ;) 

Grimaldi's: ★.5

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