Sunday, January 1, 2012

I hope you all take this new year to live more, love more, and enjoy more. I got to spend my New Year's Eve family and my second family (my best friends). I couldn't be more blessed <3

So here's my New Year's Eve through my lower grade camera and beautiful Instagram photos. And for all of you who are wondering, yes, I do believe the iPhone does qualify as a camera and Instagram is too legit. 

It all started off with a party held by a lovely friend that I visited shortly... yes, that is a dude in a dress, but he's not a regular crossdresser haha.

My mom and oldest best friend, and her mother in the background.

Most of my Asian friends might as well be African American...

We're silly & we know it!

Right before the countdown...

sparkling cider > champage. I like the fruity stuff.

She started off the new year in her birthday suit ;) just kidding!

Best friend & future roomie <3

& last but not least, besitos for all of you wonderful people!


(oh & here's one more. Just a reminder not to take life too seriously!)

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