Happy New Years Everyone!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I decided to start out this New Years with a new blog! I will be posting about everything from food to faith to fashion. Basically just a blog about life and appreciating it! This first post of the new year will be about my new years outfit. Please excuse the low quality images. My mother was my photographer for the day and calling her rusty would be an understatement because that would suggest she was once fully functioning with the device.

Today, my attired was decked out in Gap from shoulders to ankles! Gap always has wonderful sales, especially during the holiday season, so make sure to take advantage of this! Sometimes sale items are even an additional 50% off. I got a great deal of steals this past year!

My Steve Madden wedge pumps that I adore oh so much:

My charm bracelet that I've had since elementary school! Gentlemen, sisters, whoever, this is a great gift to give someone you care for. It's a way they can document their life as they journey through it! You can add charms as different things change in your life. It compliments almost any outfit (I almost never take mine off other than the occasional days when I wear gold and sometimes not even then!) and it's also a great conversation starter. I'd definitely look into getting this gift for someone if you're still a bit behind on your gift giving.

My purity ring that reads: True Love Waits and my James Avery heart link ring below it. I wear these two every day as well. They serve as not only a reminder for me but also, I love how they look stacked together.

And then, here's just a taste of what it's like to do a photoshoot with my mother. At first I'm just asking her to stop, but as time goes on, I can't help but laugh haha.

Yeah... I lost my composure a bit. And yeah, it's about time to take the Christmas tree down... But here's to a happy 2012! Hope you all have a wonderful New Years <3

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