What a wonderful day! Again! I promise!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today was my best friend Janie's 20th birthday and I swear I feel as if it's mine!

Me and my dear, lovely, beautiful friend Monica decided that we were going to wake up really early and surprise Janie with breakfast and 3 on 3 time! However... we decided this after 2 in the morning... so this was honestly doomed from the start. Anyways, I decided I was going to do an outfit post today but I really don't feel like editing any pictures (and if they were, they were Instagramed) so here's a lazy post of what I wore (:

Blazer: Gap; Scarf: Gifted from Express;  Top: Ross;  Shoes: Aldo from ASOS

Anyways, so when we did wake up... me three hours behind schedule and her two hours so, we got our ish together and came up with a new plan to surprise Janie and take her out to lunch at her favorite restaurant, Spirals, a yummy and retro Vegan restaurant found in Oak Cliff and Fort Worth. Before this though, we surprised her at her apartment along with our friends Navjot and Sarpreet and we all showered her with balloons, flowers, and chocolate. After taking turns making fun of each other, Monica, Janie and I headed out to Fort Worth as Janie pretended she had no clue where we were going. Haha and as you'll see we had a grand time at lunch! (:

Afterwards, we stopped by a cute frozen yogurt cafe in an even cuter part of town called Yofe and enjoyed some sweet cream and tart frozen yogurt and gabbed like girls do. Janie, I hope you had a greaaaaat birthday, but I mean honestly... you spent it with me and Monica. How could you not have?! (;
Kidding! (not really) LOVE YOU <3 

Please enjoy this photo journalistic style post of the day!

the birthday girl and the bow we got her!

the cute kid & the cuuuute baby he was holding... yes stalker photo :3

Monica, excited about her food!

portobello mushroom quesadillas

my delicious sandwich composed of avocado, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and mayo on delicious quinoa spelt bread.

it takes time to be this beautiful...

she loves me :)

so does the birthday girl!

Yofe cafe and Janie and Mon expressing their love of lofts.

my lovely sillly friends.

my deliiiiicious yogurt!


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