Time flies by when you're not in school...

Monday, January 9, 2012

and at the same time, everything seems like it happened so much longer ago.

Well, since Tuesday a LOT has happened... so here will be a (not so) quick update post on the past week of my life.

On Wednesday, I went out to lunch with two of my beautiful friends Victoria and Jonmichael. Victoria and I walked around and windowshopped a bit before we met Jonmichael at Mcallisters for soup, sweet tea, and things to munch on. We both agreed that Jonmichael is probably the most fabulous person we know haha. We talked about fashion, books, and movies and of course my obsession: GAP!

Afterwards, Victoria and I caught up a bit more and we always seem to find similarities between the two of us. She's such a lovely friend! A few hours later, I found myself back out with the committee of A Mad Tea Party III, finding some last minute items (or just items haha) for the party, but more on that later!

photo by Victoria Tran

photo by Victoria Tran
Thursday, I had a great time at my IB Reunion. Got to see people from all generations of IB and many dear friends from the best class of 2010! It was really lovely getting to see so many people I love and enjoy their company. Afterwards, a bunch of the IB "jrs", 3 of the greatest IB "seniors" and I went to get sushi wear my cute little wonton (that's her nickname... her real name is Ivy haha) was working... and it was DERRRICIOUS! Afterwards, I went to get Pinkberry with two of my best friends from high school turned practically married couple Minh and Anthony, which Minh graciously treated us to :3 It was a really chill day spent with great people.


Friday, I met up with two creative young souls who are looking to collaborate with my business partner Erika and I. Stay tuned for more information on that but it sure does seem like it will be interesting (:
That same day, I got some pretty sad news and went to campus to check out some apartments with my best friend! I ended up feeling rather sick that night but she was the beeeeest and took care of me.

I ended up spending the night and on Saturday morning, my best friend woke up early and made me the heart shaped pancakes I'd been longing for. She really does love me <3

Later that evening, I met up with Daniel, my childhood beeeeeest friend who I used to gab over Spice Girls with and rejoice when only we got all As (which was usually... haha). We ate some delicious food at one of my favorite restaurants and spent four hours just talking about life and it's scary crazy amazing how similar we still are. I love him!

Sunday, was an adventure of it's own. I modeled for my dear friend Victoria's (along with other friends Anh  Chris, and Chen Ching) bow tie business. Anh hand makes all the bow ties and they are absolutely GORGEOUS! I met a handful of amazing and creative souls and had a great time despite the chilly weather. It was really interesting being on the other side of the camera as well... so be expecting some gorgeous photos by Kevin Davidson appearing soon!

by Victoria Tran

Then finally TODAY was A Mad Tea Party III. It's become the semiannual tradition amongst our group of friends and it's adorable. I love being on the committee for this little event that keeps growing each year. It's always hosted by my friends Lucy and Daniel with Ivan and I as creative directors. We served finger sandwiches, cake balls, fruit salad, sugar cookies, chocolates, and of course a variety of delicious teas. People are even encouraged to bring their own tea cups. We all gave a current update on our lives, shared our favorite quotes and what they mean to us, enjoyed a poem from Anthony and two songs sung on the ukelele by Victoria, and then just each others company. (More images can be found on my Facebook).

The beautiful hosts, Lucii and Daniel!
By Victoria Tran


All in all I've had an incredibly eventful past few days, but it's been fulfilling and amazing. Only a few days left until school begins again and it's so bittersweet, but I hope to make the most of this semester as I feel I (almost) have out of this break. Here are a few other random images of food, because what better way to end this post on a good note?

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